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Customizable Neck Label

Style: Style 1
Size: XS
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Level Up Your Brand with Personalized DTF Neck Labels!

Take your private label clothing to the next level with DTF Center's customizable neck labels! We use innovative DTF (Direct to Film) printing technology to create stunning, full-color DTF neck labels that function as an extension of your brand identity.

DTF printing offers exceptional detail and vibrant colors, making your logos and designs truly pop. These labels are applied using heat transfer, ensuring a wash-fast and durable finish that withstands multiple washes.

Soft neck labels provide a comfortable feel against the skin, enhancing the overall quality and wearability of your garments. Ditch the generic tags and showcase your brand with custom clothing labels that reflect your unique style.

Here's what makes DTF Center's your perfect partner for custom neck labels:

- Fully Customizable: Design your dream neck label with logos, care instructions, sizing information, and more!
- DTF Printing Advantage: Enjoy vibrant colors, intricate details, and wash-fast durability.
- Soft and Comfortable: Our labels feel great against the skin, adding a touch of luxury to your garments.
- Brand Identity Boost: Elevate your private label clothing with professional-looking neck labels.

Order your custom neck labels today and transform your clothing line into a branded masterpiece!

Size: 2"x1"