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DTF HPCP + ICC Profile

After extensive research and numerous trials by our in-house engineers, we are proud to introduce the HBCP+ system, our proprietary DTF (Direct to Film) ICC profile. This groundbreaking system represents a significant leap forward in the realm of digital printing technologies.

The HBCP+ system is the culmination of meticulous engineering and innovation, designed to enhance the color fidelity of our DTF gang sheets. By integrating the HBCP+ profile into our printing process, we have achieved an unprecedented level of color vibrancy, natural tones, and realism in the final print. This not only sets a new standard for color accuracy but also enriches the visual experience for the end-user.

The core of the HBCP+ system lies in its advanced color management capabilities. It meticulously calibrates the color output of our printers, ensuring that each hue, shade, and tone is reproduced with absolute precision. This meticulous color calibration process ensures that the prints reflect true-to-life colors, providing an immersive and authentic visual experience.

Furthermore, the HBCP+ system has been engineered to work seamlessly across a wide range of fabrics and substrates. This versatility ensures that regardless of the material, the prints maintain their integrity, color consistency, and durability, thus broadening the scope of applications for our clients.

In conclusion, the HBCP+ system marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital printing industry. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the printed products but also opens up new possibilities for creativity and design. We are excited to offer our clients this revolutionary technology, confident in its ability to deliver unparalleled quality and realism in DTF printing.

Complementing this, HBCP+ ICC profiles ensure unmatched color precision and quality in every print.

HBCP+ ICC profiles result;

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